eyes like saucers

eyes like saucers is the solo project of jeffrey k., formerly the farfisa organist for secret eye recording artists - urdog. with eyes like saucers, the darker and more organic regions of inner space are explored via a slightly modified indian pedal harmonium, effected voice, assorted percussion and electronics. drawing inspiration from such artists as nico, robert wyatt, carl orff, and early 20th century austrian-hungarian poet, georg trakl, the incessant and labored breathing of the ancient harmonium evokes a bleak and troubled age that, ironically, can best be surmised as a post-apocalyptic era that we have as yet to arrive upon. jeffrey has toured the u.s. and europe extensively, and has shared the stage with artists as varied as sir richard bishop (sun city girls), circle, boris, six organs of admittance, sunn o))), jim o'rourke, bardo pond, acid mothers temple, and merzbow.

jeffrey k. recorded still living in the desert (and mostly inside my own head), the first eyes like saucers endeavor, whilst living in a bus in the southwestern desert of the u.s. betwixt the spring and autumn of 2006. subsequent touring of the u.s and europe was to follow. jeffrey is presently living as a fugitive in kanada (a nation which differs only slightly from the u.s. of amerika) and his long-time companion, advisor, and soulmate has recently passed on. the future is uncertain.

lord of lords, king of kings

13 july 1993 - 7 september 2008

meeting a dog you suddenly see the abyss of love. such limitless love doesnít fit our economy. we cannot cope with such an open, superhuman relation.
--- helene cixous

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contact information.

eyes like saucers
email: parmaleedog [at] yahoo [dot] com

and my myspace page: www.myspace.com/saucerslikeeyes

now available.

eyes like saucers
parmalee, tribute to a dog

area c w/ eyes like saucers, mudboy, black forest/black sea
planetarium project 2cd
(sedimental records)

"unheimlichkeit", compilation track on:
crows of the world vol. 2
(last visible dog)

an eyes like saucers dvd is also "in the works" - it will undoubtably be crude and choppy and focussed upon the most morbid and dreary subject matter one could possibly imagine.

previous titles.

aan meets eyes like saucers
(last visible dog)

eyes like saucers
still living in the desert (and mostly inside my own head)
(last visible dog)

area c and eyes like saucers
(last visible dog)

compilation track on:
(centre of wood)

some mp3s:

owl creek bridge (from songs and improvisations of parmalee)
ideas of reference
i want to believe
owl creek bridge (from songs and improvisations of parmalee)

and a video:

- in a glass in paris : 20.01.2008 (dir. by a french person) -


urdog ... danger on the edge of town (2006; self-release)
" eyelid of moon (2005: secret eye)
" garden of bones (2004; secret eye)
" urdog 2003 (2003; self-release)


eyes like saucers and area c titles are available for $12 w/ jewel case (postage paid), or $10 w/o jewel case (postage paid). urdog titles on secret eye label are available for $10 (postage paid).
other merchandise (t-shirts, manifestos, imagery) will undoubtably soon become available.
paypal is preferred method of payment; regardless, please contact: parmaleedog [at] yahoo [dot] com

press quotes.

'eyes like saucersí still living in the desert (and mostly inside my own head) is ... an absolutely essential piece of music constructed from bleak song fragments interspersed with shimmering waves of haunting Indian pedal harmonium bliss and electronic bedroom experimentation. ... the slightly nico-inspired dish presented here is not easy to digest but the reward is plentiful for everyone willing to make the effort.'
- mats gustafsson, the broken face

'here's an artist who isn't afraid of staring into the abyss: the music on still living in the desert evokes the apocalyptic folk of current 93 and taps into the kind of outsider songwriting of jandek or robert wyatt...the principal instrument on the album...is an indian harmonium, although you'll also hear extensive use of glockenspiel, toy piano and farfisa. the pieces fit together very naturally as a whole, calling on a relatively restricted number of sound sources to great effect. the spiralling repetition on 'fruhling der seele' is an especially effective conglomeration of most of the instruments at k.'s disposal, while the cavernous melancholy of the title track stems from a solid six minutes of wurlitzer organ. it's a pretty chilling instrumental and a natural escalation from the bleak harmonium tones that dominate much of the recordings. recommended.'
- boomkat

'anyone who covers any robert wyatt song is a hero in my book. no surprise then that eyes like saucers [jeffrey k. of the disbanded urdog] makes up my list of heroes. his sadder than sad solo project - eyes like saucers is one of the more moving releases of this year so far... don't expect the music to jump right up at you... if anything, this is music that is morosely slow, addictively hypnotic and unbearably honest.'
- tom sekowski, gaz-eta

'organ is usually used to suave, smooth funked up effect, though urdog clearly havenít read the manual and feature some of the strangest illest farfisa action iíve ever encountered. the player is either a genius or slightly retarded, probably a mixture of both; though regardless the work is nothing short of incredible.'
- bob baker fish, cyclic defrost

'mr. k.'s own group, urdog, provides the invisible pyramid's pinnacle. after a sung hymn to the falkland island wolf that recalls tower recordings at their most reverent, "the open" forms a dark cloud of noisy showers, then a bright rainbow of echoing organ recalling bobby beausoleil's score to kenneth anger's earth-myth lucifer rising.'
- marc masters, the wire

for additional, and more complete, eyes like saucers reviews - click here.

upcoming appearances/tours and previous shows.

west coast tour - january 2009)
06 january. tucson, az.
07 january. phoenix, az.
08 january. san diego, ca.
10 january. echo curio, los angeles, ca.
11 january. long beach, ca.
12 january. santa cruz, ca.
13 january. hemlock tavern, san francisco, ca.
15 january. sacramento, ca.
16 january. lil' red, eureka, ca.
19 january. eugene, or.
20 january. towne lounge, portland, or.
21 january. olympia, wa.
22 january. seattle, wa.

-- more dates and locations in coming weeks --

if you would like to see eyes like saucers in your corner of the world please contact me (email address above) or mr. jeffrey alexander at secreteyebooking [at] gmail [dot] com - further information can be found here: secret eye booking.


- eyes like saucers in europe -
18 january. brussels, belgium, heathen hearts festival, w/ os loosers (feat. valerio cosi), talibam!, and rivercrest.
19 january. paris, france, le collectif kliton.
20 january. geneva, switzerland, cave 12.
21 january. berlin, germany, twisted robot, w/ os loosers (feat. valerio cosi) and mv + ee.
22 january. copenhagen, denmark, byens lys, w/ os loosers (feat. valerio cosi) and mv + ee.
23 january. aarhus, denmark, musikcafeen, w/ os loosers (feat. valerio cosi) and mv + ee.
25 january. gothenburg, sweden, berg 211.
26 january. umea, sweden, moonshake.
28 january. tampere, finland, vastavirta.
29 january. helsinki, finland, tvo.
30 january. turku, finland, venue TBA.
01 february. kuldiga, latvia, zabadaks.
02 february. liepaja, latvia, fontaine palace.
04 february. wroclaw, poland, firlej.
05 february. vienna, austria, fluc.
06 february. graz, austria, postgarage.
?? may. havoc house, tucson, as.

19 january. as220, providence, rhode island.
23 march. white electric,providence, rhode island.
30 march. eagle's nest, north hampton, massachusetts.
21 april. (collaboration with area c) cormack planetarium, providence, rhode island.
13 june. as220, providence, rhode island, with mv + ee and plastic crimewave sound.

- eyes like saucers / area c tour -
07 july. wmbr (m.i.t. radio session), cambridge, massachusetts.
09 july. p.a.'s lounge, somerville, massachusetts, with howard stelzer, kyle bobby dunn/brendan murray.
10 july. white electric, providence, rhode island, with nonloc (mark dwinnell from bright).
11 july. monkeytown, brooklyn, ny, with kind monitor.
12 july. the schoolhouse, brooklyn, ny, with the holy experiment, nonloc.
13 july. big jar books, philadelphia, pa, with katt hernandez, johnathan vincent, and hans rickheit.
16 july. strange maine, portland, me.
18 july. time machine records, northampton, massachusetts.
19 july. metropolis underground, syracuse, ny.
20 july. a/v space, rochester, ny, with sharp sword, joe + n.
23 july. unity center, roswell, nm, with nigh and the clouds.
27 july. catalyst infoshop, prescott, az, with adam frumhoff.
08 september. machines with magnets, pawtucket, ri, with various acts.
16 november. as220, providence, ri, with a bunch of solo acts.
14 december. as220, providence, ri, as half of area c, with nonloc.

30 march. hot licks, bisbee, arizona.
07 april. pete's candy store, brooklyn, new york.
08 april. true vine record shop, baltimore, maryland.
09 april. big jar books, philadelphia, pennsylvania.
10 april. as220, providence, rhode island.
15 april. wmbr (m.i.t. radio), cambridge, massachusetts.
17 april. p.a.'s lounge, somerville, massachusetts.

everything else not heretofore covered.


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